Daily Penis Stretching Technique


The penis must be with this exercise in totally flabby condition. An execution during a errection is NOT RECOMMENDED! Form with youe hand the ok character (as with the Jelq exercise) and grab your penis before the glans. Now push your hand of the body, means you will be pulling on your penis – that’s it already, so simply!

At the beginning it will be surely somewhat unusual to touch and stress your penis in such a way. Often you will have the problem that you don’t have a correctly firm seat of the hand. Or that your glans is too sensitive and and you getting an errection. It needs a few days until you’ve found the necessary routine and can do the exercise cleanly. It is sometimes helpful to cone a little bit blood into the glans to get a better grab. Also don’t forget to warming up before the exercise thuse it can also provide a better Grip.

Please note:

It is all the same whether you put the thumb up, below or sidewise your shaft. Find the grip, which makes a pain-free execution of the exercise for you possible. You should be paying only attention to the fact that not too much pressure is produced or that you pull too strongly. You tend to close the grasp more strongly if you are pulling the penis stronger. But that is often not necessary.

Pay attention that you don’t close the hand to hard because that would kill the blood circulation. Occasionally you should “shake out” the penis a little bit (maybe on the hand or against the leg) so that the blood can start circulating again. Circumcised men should pull the foreskin back during the exercise to uncover the glans.

What also should be mentioned:

If you pull upward, then rather the penis is actually stretched. If you pull it downward, then rather the retaining strap (suspensory ligament) is stretched. At the beginning you will optain the fastest increase because the suspensory ligament is stretched.

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Warming Up for Penis Exercises

Before doing any kind of penis enhancement exercises, you should always warm up in order to avoid unnecessary pain, discomfort or injury.

Warming the Penis

Before you start with the penis enhancement exercises, you should start by using a moist type of warmth / temperature to your penis. In the same way the body’s muscles are definitely more receptive to enhancement and also much less vulnerable to injury by warm up, your penis works exactly the same way! You can warm the penis by applying one of the next techniques:

  • Use a warm / hot washcloth
  • Try a moist heating pad
  • Warm your penis below an infrared table lamp
  • Relax in a warm bath tub
  • Dip your penis in a warm cup of water

Through the use of warm and humid heat, the arteries surrounding the penis tend to be more open and the area becomes more and more relaxed. With all these benefits, your penis will end up more receptive to enhancement attempts.

The best way to Warm the Penis

Right after choosing one of the warming efforts, you should be sure to do the warming up efforts for about five to ten minutes ahead of any kind of exercise. As an example, if you chooses to use a warm washcloth to your penis, simply heat the wet cloth in the micro wave, soak the cloth in a bowl of warm water, or put the cloth below running hot water. When the cloth has achieved a warm state and that is not too hot so the temperature will not hurt or burn the gentle skin, apply it to your penis for 5 to 10 minutes, followed instantly by penis exercise.

The most convenient and easiest to follow tends to be the warm washcloth effort ,but many guys choose to use an infrared heat lamp as a way to warm-up their penis. Before using a heat lamp, nevertheless, you must be sure to stick to specific guidelines:

  • Sperm dies along at the body’s normal temperature, for that reason, you should protect the testicles using a cloth (a sock or bath towel works well).
  • Make sure to set the infrared lamp at least 20 inches away from you penis because testicles exposed to such a light tend to be more easily destroyed. This not only helps avoid any injury or overheating , but it also helps deter increased sperm lowering (which is only temporary). The light can be up to 3 ft away from your penis while still giving effective help.
  • Stay under the warmth of the heat lamp for around quite a few minutes.
  • Once the period is complete, you should promptly switch off the heat lamp and start the exercise treatment as fast as possible.